UBM SSO Project

Customer Identity & Access Management

Overview and Features

The customer identity & access management (CIAM) solution enables UBM to collect user data progressively and collaboratively from all brands. That data can then be used in real time to enhance the user experience across all platforms.

Standardising user data and unifying account functionality improves data quality, while also ensuring compliance with the EU's new general data protection regulation (GDPR).

  • Customer identity & access management with SSO
  • Cross domain progressive profiling
  • Centralised subscription management
  • Enhanced user tracking data
  • GDPR compliant


Find or create your API key in the Gigya console, then find your subscription code below. The subscriptions object is defined as ubmid.json, you can edit it here


Include the Gigya javascript file (with the correct API key) in the head section of your page.

<script src="https://cdns.gigya.com/js/gigya.js?apiKey=YOUR-API-KEY">

Include the Atlas javascript file (with the correct data code) in the body section of your page (before any Adobe scripts).

<script src="https://atlas.exchange/app.js" data-code="picph00"></script>

User Tracking

The tracking object is defined as ubmid.data. The "user" section is progressively updated by Gigya as the user provides the information, everything else is open source data.


The CIAM application can be activated by adding: data-app="on" to the Atlas javascript tag. Once activated, the application can be opened and closed with the hash route: #/account.

<a href="#/account">Open</a>
<a href="#">Close</a>

Progressive Profiling

Progressive profiling forms are called with the ubmid.survey() function.

ubmid.survey(container, complete)
  • container The ID of the div where the form should be rendered
  • complete The response when a form is successfully submitted. (HTML)

The code below is rendering a progressive profiling form in a div with the ID "form-container". The defined html download link will be displayed when the form is successfully submitted, or when all forms have been completed.

<div id="form-container"></div>
	ubmid.survey("form-container", "Download:<br><a target="_blank" href="http://www.sample.com">Download Link</a>");


Country select fields are pre-populated based on the country code from the tracking data.

The subscribe link will only be displayed if the user is not currently subscribed to the defined page subscription.